Wireless Foldable Headphones with FM/SD card for iPhone & Android

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Wireless Foldable Headphones with FM/SD card for iPhone & Android

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Support Wireless stereo devices to receive A2DP stereo music from laptop computer, desktop computer , tablet pc , iphone , blackberry , wireless adaptor ,mp3 player or any other device that supports wireless stereo audio.

  • Support FM, can receive high-quality stereo radio.
  • Allow you to enjoy digital-quality music wirelessly and convert between music and phone calling mode freely
  • Have wireless hands-free conversations with the compatible Bluetooth phone.
  • Listen to music in a wireless way the phone that supports Bluetooth stereo (A2DP) and control music by the headphone.
  • Switch music and calls through the button


  • By using the device’s Bluetooth technology, it can transfer data in a wireless way within a 10-meter-high distance. Bluetooth stereo headphone is universal and can be used along with most of phones that have Bluetooth function.


  • It works with Smartphone, Computer, Tablet, most of audio device, it enables us multiple playing music at the same time.


  • Radio FM: Pressing and holding the PLAY/PAUSE button to transfer to FM radio, and press PLAY/PAUSE button to search the channels automatically from 87.5 to 108.
  • LCD DISPLAY: With the LCD display function, it is convenient for you to choose model and make a night more wonderful because of its fashion Cool.
  • GB CARD TF: You can insert the TF card with Mp3 format music into the TFcard slot directly, and please confirm if the power is in the ON state, meantime the power indicator light display green color. Then you can enjoy the music.
  • Type FOLDING
    From the application of material to the structure, b19 are in ultralight deigns. It is light to wear and can completely release burden of the ear. It adopts the folding design and lookbijou, which effectively reduces the volume of headset and is no pressure to carry. It is the best solumate for you to travel!
  • Bluetooth music: Under the state of successful connection to Bluetooth, you can open the player to play music at this moment.
    |<< /+ Click: last song Long press: volume+
    >>| /- Click: next song Long press: volume-
  • Bluetooth call:Under the Bluetooth state, if there is a telephone intervention, click the phone to answer; During calling, click the phone key to end; long press the phone key to reject an incoming call; double-click the phone key to call back the last outgoing number in the call records of redialing.

FM mode: M/>|| Click: search platform automatically Long press: switch radio |<< /+ Click: last long Long press: volume+ >>| /- Click: next song Long press: volume.

  • TF mode: Insert TF card into the card slot of Headset, the headset will enter the TF card mode and play songs automatically. Short press “<<” “>>” key to switch on the last or next song and long press this key to adjust the volume level.
  • AUX mode: Insert 3.5mm radio cable and the other card can end can connect with the audio interfaces of computer, mobile phone or other digital products.
  • Self-timer:Under the Bluetooth state, double-click “M />||” key for self-timer. (Phones with Android system need to set the volume key as shutter function)

CHARGING INDICATOR:When the power is low, the prompt will remind you to charge.

Charge the headphone:When you finish using the power of headphone and charge the head-phone for the first time, the indicator will long and the red indicator will go out after fully charged