Magnetic Cable for iPhone & Android phones -India's Only Nylon Braided cable

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Magnetic Cable for iPhone & Android phones -India's Only Nylon Braided cable

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India's Only Nylon Braided Magnetic cable

  • Easy Plug/Detach-Connects within a fraction of a second!
  • Compatible Brands: Apple | HTC|Samsung|Sony|LG| Xiaomi|Lenovo|Motorola | 
  • 2x Faster Charging - In comparison to regular cable.
  • Waterproof - Prevents Water Damage at the charging socket.
  • Lightning/ Micro USB - Supports both lightning and micro USB.
  • Charge Indicator- A small hidden LED indicates charging status.
  • Snap with One Hand! Easy to attach and remove.
  • Reversible- Never plus USB cable the wrong way.
  • Data Transfer- Easy Data Synchronisation.
  • Max output current up to 2.4 A, making charging faster.
  • The metal plug is shock-resistant & anti-corrosive.

    Our shipping includes insurance and we will replace if broken or not as described upon arrival.


    Get Ready To Charge Your Phone Like Magic!

    1.  The Magnetic Charging Data Cable connects  your mobile phone to the charging cable instantly and seamlessly. It is an amazing innovation that has been designed to solve a large number of the issues that exist with all the micro USB charging cables
    2. The cable has been designed to tackle the common problems we face everyday while using the conventional cables. Each cable comes in two parts – one end, which connects directly to your phone and remains there, is the Lightning/USB port tab and the other is simply the cable.
    3. Each Bigolu Magnetic Charging Data Cable is designed to give an all inclusive fit - you can attach it conveniently to your mobile phone from either side, and you can use it to charge your phone as well as transfer data.
    4. The USB end is reversible, and the cable is made using high quality thick meshed nylon braiding - which implies zero fraying or splitting  and the copper inside is 2.4A rated . 
    If you've been searching for the perfectly awesome Magnetic Charging Data Cable , ever constructed, your pursuit is over.

    • Compatible Brands: Apple | HTC | Samsung | Sony | LG | XIaomi | Lenovo |Motorola 
    • Comes in Retail Package.
    • 2.4A USB Data Cable.
    • Supports both Data Sync & Charge.
    • Compatible with All Android & IOS devices
    • Color: White.

    1* Wire/cable.

    1* Plug-in Tip.

    1* Small Tool ( for android only)